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Additional Services

Cloud Solutions


We have adapted our core applications to run as cloud hosted solutions.  These solutions are offered on a per user fee basis which avoids the expense of purchasing hardware and software licensing.  A simple reliable Internet connection is all you need to access our world class applications, LinerSuite-Agency and LinerSuite-Logistics.  These applications are running within a top class data centre provided by one of the largest ISP's in Africa.  The benefits of a cloud hosted solution are that backup power, fire control,  air conditioning, data backups and firewall security are all taken care of and provided at a level that is much higher than what the normal smaller business can provide themselves.

Please contact us should you be interested in our hassle free, cost effective cloud based solution.

Technical Support

We provide computer hardware and software solutions for clients running our applications.  This service provides our clients the advantage of having a one stop shop for all their computer related needs.  The services offered include sales, installation, administration and support for all their computer hardware, software and network equipment needs.

Our primary focus is on the Linux operating system, but we also support the Microsoft Windows environment.  We have many years of experience in running Linux servers and desktops and where necessary we will provide desktop support to valued customers.  Linux offers a very secure and controlled environment for your desktops and servers and we have been running Linux internally for more than 15 years.

Through our network of partners we are able to provide a wide spectrum of highly skilled services, products and excellence.

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