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Software application for the Transport, Warehousing, Shipping and Container Depot industries

LinerSuite-Logistics is an industrial strength application that allows you to effectively manage your inter-modal transportation, shipping, container depot stock, groupage consolidations and warehouse cargo operations.

LinerSuite-Logistics is extremely user friendly, flexible and customised so that you can provide your clients with excellent service, and also provide your business with efficient processes and clear accounting and operational information visibility.

Key characteristics:

  • Capable of handling large transaction volumes for any size operation and for any cargo type, across your entire logistics chain.

  • Easily handles cargo bookings and bill of lading documentation.

  • Provides powerful functionality for the complete cycle of container depot operations, such as gate activities, container stock control, and repairs.

  • Full control of warehouse cargo stock with flexible receipting and dispatching functionality.

  • Full inter-modal (sea, air, road & rail) transport instructions covering containers, break-bulk and bulk cargoes across multiple countries and involving multiple currencies.

  • Advanced EDI integration for both custom and international message formats (eg CODECO, INVOIC, WESTIM, COREOR, COPARN, COEDOR).

  • Ability to preview and produce invoices with ease, plus capture complex and flexible rating structures into the automated charge calculation module.

  • Tight integration with the accounting module is achieved while you work naturally within the operational modules.

  • Custom reporting and system enhancements provided (certain restrictions may apply).

Features include:

Operational Accounting

  • Invoices and credit-notes with full accounting integration;

  • Ability to export accounting data to external accounting packages;

  • Proforma invoicing;

  • Specific charge grouping and charge selection for dynamic invoicing;

  • Receipting;

  • Creditors reconciliation against operational data;

  • Recording of expected supplier costs;

  • Operational accounting reports;

  • Access to accounting data directly from operational modules if user access permissions allow;

  • File invoicing for consolidating charges across the transport,

  • Warehouse and depot modules into one client invoice;

  • Materials inventory control;

  • Client quoting;

  • Rates setup and maintenance.

General Ledger Accounting

  • Chart of accounts;

  • Open item debtor and creditor management with ageing; 

  • Creditor reconciliations against operational invoicing data and expected costs;

  • Debit and credit notes;

  • Receipting;

  • Cash book entries;

  • Journals;

  • Asset management and depreciation;

  • Bank statement reconciliation; 

  • Ledger printouts; 

  • Financial Statements; 

  • Management account reports;

Transport Module

  • Transport instructions for multiple complex inter-modal movements;

  • Manage transportation of containers, break-bulk and bulk;

  • Automated upload of container lists (eg train list); 

  • Automated raising of charges and costs, with client specific rates, across different currencies and varying VAT requirements; 

  • Cartage planning module; 

  • Invoices and credit-notes with full accounting integration

  • Tracking of individual moves with proof of delivery; 

  • EDI tracking integration (message sending and receiving); 

  • Transport management reports; 

  • Integration with warehouse and depot module.

Warehouse Module

  • Receipting pre-advice capture;

  • Manifest data capture;

  • Cargo receipting;

  • Out-turn reporting; 

  • Transfer of cargo; 

  • Cross docking receipt with immediate dispatch; 

  • Client special storage and handling rates;

  • Automated charge calculations; 

  • Packing pre-advice capture; 

  • Stock management, reporting and visibility across warehouse facilities; 

  • Pick list support for selecting cargo for dispatching;

  • Cargo dispatching;

  • Cargo release process against house bill of lading;

  • Pro-forma invoice approval and sign off;

  • Invoices and credit-notes with full accounting integration

  • Bond store management; 

  • Customs systems integration and EDI reporting; 

  • Hand held scanner interfaces; 

  • Barcode and label printing;

  • Weighbridge direct interface for receipting & dispatching of cargo; 

  • Warehouse management reports;

  • Integrated with depot module for packing and unpacking of containers.

Shipping & Groupage Module

  • Cargo sea and air bookings;

  • Bill of lading documentation; 

  • Vessel and voyage management; 

  • Arrival notifications; 

  • Invoices and credit-notes with full accounting integration

  • Demurrage control; 

  • Operational reports.

Container Depot Module

  • Container tracking of fulls and empties;  

  • Automatic EDI reporting of all moves including container status changes;  

  • Additional services (eg unpacks, packs, washing, pre-tripping etc) with related automated charge calculations;  

  • Operational history;  

  • Automated monthly container storage and handling charge calculations; 

  • Automated recalculation of charges and EDI dispatch on operational data correction; 

  • EDI Pre-advice of container arrivals; 

  • Invoices and credit-notes with full accounting integration;  

  • Repairs and maintenance module with quotations and EDI support (eg WESTIM); 

  • Repair authorisation; 

  • Job cards; 

  • Material inventory control; 

  • Container release management with EDI integration; 

  • Schedule EDI stock reports to clients (COEDOR message); 

  • Depot management reports.

Customer Relationship Management Module

  • Full customer relationship management; 

  • Client quoting; 

  • Client contacts and profiles; 

  • Client EDI message setup; 

  • VAT controls; 

  • Client credit term and credit limit management; 

  • Client listings and marketing reports; 

  • Communication logs and sales reports.

Users and Security

  • Individual user access control; 

  • Branch and facility access control;  

  • Secured module access control;  

  • Tables for codes and descriptions;  

  • Setup and EDI conversion.

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