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Software application for the Liner Ships Agency business

LinerSuite-Agency is a large, feature rich, fully integrated set of tools for the liner ships agency and related industries, developed by a highly experienced team who understand the detailed requirements of this business.  This powerful, user friendly application allows the often labour intensive, complex processes of the liner trades to be handled effortlessly with the minimum of staff, to provide clients and principals with unrivalled service excellence and efficiency.

LinerSuite-Agency is flexible and customised to meet your Ships Agency, Groupage and NVOCC business requirements.  We are able to uniquely tailor the system to your specification on a continual basis.

Key characteristics:

  • LinerSuite-Agency caters for all containerised, break-bulk, car carrier and RORO shipments.

  • The tight integration allows an accountant to go from the ledger detail directly into the source document whether in the import, export, booking or container module;  a marketing person may view statistics in the client module and go directly to the associated bill of lading.

  • Custom tailored accounts system for the ships agency industry allows the general ledger accounts to be managed in a way that suits the shipping industry.

Features include:


  • Multi-currency to local currency ledgers;  

  • Journals;  

  • Cash-book and electronic bank statement processing;  

  • Debit notes;  

  • Credit notes;  

  • Creditor reconciliation against operational data;  

  • Container cost and revenue reconciliation;  

  • Open item debtor and creditor management;  

  • Aged analysis and many other financial reports;  

  • Disbursement reporting;  

  • Principal remittance of freight collections;  

  • Income statements;  

  • Balance sheet;  

  • EDI invoice processing;  

  • Tight integration to other modules.


  • Export and import booking capture;  

  • Booking and stack confirmation emails;  

  • Transport orders; 

  • Container EDI depot release notifications; 

  • Booking reports;  

  • Automated container reconciliations between bookings, bills of lading and terminal EDI tracking;  

  • EDI to port terminal for pre-advice of container bookings;  

  • Client rate quotations;  

  • Booking templates;  

  • Booking invoices and credit-notes with full accounting integration

  • Integrated with container tracking and bill of lading documentation modules.

Client Management

  • Client data capture and enquiry;  

  • Client contact management; 

  • Communication recording and sales reports;  

  • Credit terms and limit management; 

  • Warning limit advice notices;  

  • Client acquisition planning and sales cycle management;  

  • Statistics;  

  • Special rates; 

  • Client reports; 

  • Integrated with all other modules.

Voyage Management

  • Voyage schedules;  

  • Vessel management;  

  • Stack date management; 

  • Voyage rates of exchange; 

  • Key date triggers;  

  • Berth maintenance; 

  • Voyage EDI management for customs and ports.

Import and Export Documentation

  • Manifest capture and EDI upload; 

  • Bill of lading production;  

  • Correction notices;  

  • Automated exception reporting;  

  • Principal reconciliations;  

  • Release documents and release EDI to the port terminals; 

  • Direct emailing of all documentation;  

  • Import EDI cargo release processing and automated EDI interface for customs clearances;  

  • Automatic charge rate calculations;  

  • Special client tariffs; 

  • Invoices and credit notes with full accounting integration;  

  • Haulage instructions;  

  • Transhipment management;  

  • EDI to principals; 

  • Port and depot EDI invoice processing;  

  • Principal accounting;  

  • Freight reports;  

  • Integrated with the booking and tracking modules.

Container Tracking

  • Container movement tracking and automatic EDI processing;  

  • Advanced out of sequence tracking event handling; 

  • Automated error correcting and event processing;  

  • Tracking history;  

  • Demurrage and detention invoicing and collection;  

  • Maintenance and repair control;  

  • Directly linked to consignments and bookings;  

  • Automatic reconciliation of cross packed containers;  

  • Stock reporting; 

  • Automated principal EDI reporting;  

  • EDI hourly tracking success and variance reporting; 

  • Container reports.


  • Statistics automatically calculated from the actual documentation details;  

  • Linked to client marketing system.

Table File Maintenance

  • Tables of codes and descriptions (e.g. voyages, ports, depots, rates etc.);  

  • Setup and EDI conversion.

Users and Security

  • Individual user access control;  

  • Inter company and branch user access security;  

  • Agency access security;  

  • Secured module access control.

General Notes

  • All modules cater for multiple principals, countries and companies;  

  • All data is stored centrally and available to all users, if access is granted;  

  • The application is web based and can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet;  

  • The modules cater for containerised, RORO, and break-bulk cargo;  

  • All reports and documents can be emailed directly from the system;  

  • Customised changes are made to suit your specific needs on an ongoing basis;

  • Substantial EDI capabilities eliminate the need for a lot of manual capture;

  • LinerSuite-Agency supports most of the standard EDIFACT messages being used regularly by the shipping industry;

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